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Join Arena Chandigarh for the best Academics in Animation and VFX domain

Here are some highlights of Sector 17 Centre:

Highly experienced Academics with total experience >50 man years!
World-class infrastructure with 5000 sq ft total space.
This Centre has an in-house Imported and Exclusive Professional VFX Setup
Excellent Placement Acceptance of our students in Mumbai Animation Studios as well as Chandigarh Web and Gaming Companies. This Centre’s Animation Students have been selected exclusively for Maya Digital Studio’s “Motu Patlu” Team
Our Studio won Web Design Award from Oman Government in 2010.
Our Studio is of the Top 50 in the world for Digital IP Products (3D Models).
Also created Waveryder, an International 3D Game to be launched in 2014
This Centre has been rated 3rd Best in India by an Aptech Internal Audit in 2011.
Has won innumerable awards during Creative Minds and other Film Festivals
Our Mentor Vineet Raj Kapoor, is India’s leading Animation Advisor at Shiksha.com and most articles on this subject on Shiksha.com are written by him

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